Natural Reef

Explore this natural reef while removing lionfish!

Sunken Galleon

Explore the sunken galleon while removing lionfish!

Sunken Airplane

Explore the sunken airplane while removing lionfish!

Lionfish Game

Come See Us At LRAD!!!

May 14th & 15th, 2022

We will be debuting Lionfish Reef Patrol at this years LRAD and The Emerald Coast Open in beautiful Destin, Florida.

We will have a booth there all weekend letting everyone play the game. Stop by and show off your lionfish hunting skills!

Game Dive Sites

Removing Lionfish = Saving Reef Fish

Patrol The Reef

Natural Reef

Reefs around the world have been invaded by lionfish and unfortunately they feed on the local reef fish. Patrol the reef and remove as many lionfish as possible to help save save the reef fish. Be careful – there are sharks in these waters and capturing lionfish attract them and they will attack!

Patrol The Wreckage

Sunken Galleon

A shark patrols this sunken galleon that happens to be a perfect place for lionfish to hide in. It’s dark and full of cargo that can be the perfect place to prey on reef fish. Patrol the sunken galleon and remove as many lionfish as possible to help save the reef fish.

Patrol The Wreckage

Sunken Airplane

A sunken airplane is the perfect place for lionfish to hangout on. Unfortunately there are lots of reef fish that like to hangout there too and lionfish feed on them. Patrol the sunken airplane and remove as many lionfish as possible to help save the reef fish!

Help Protect The Reefs

Game Features

Lionfish Reef Patrol is a fun way to learn about the invasive lionfish and how destructive they can be to the environment. Learn how challenging it can be to remove them while staying safe under the water. Here are just a few of the many cool features.

Save Reef Fish

Save 50 reef fish for every lionfish you remove

Beware The Shark

It will attack you if you are not paying attention

Never Ending Lionfish

When you remove lionfish more appear so go on patrol everyday

Don’t Damage The Environment

If you damage corals or structures you lose points so be careful

Only So Much Oxygen

You only have so much air so make the most out of your time