More Dangerous Than You Think

Ever wonder what it’s like hunting for lionfish 100 feet below the surface? Now you can experience it without getting wet, or eaten by sharks, or having to decompress – ok you get the idea!

Lionfish Reef Patrol is an exciting game that is so realistic in many ways – the visibility, the sounds of breathing through a regulator, ocean sounds, spearing a lionfish and even the sound it makes when adding it to your Zookeeper! Dive in today and start saving the reef fish!

Your Dive Mission

Reef fish are under attack and their populations are being destroyed by the invasive lionfish! We need you to go out on Lionfish Reef Patrol and remove as many lionfish as possible before you run out of oxygen. Be careful – when you remove lionfish, their scent attracts hungry sharks and they will attack!

Be careful not to hit the corals or structures. They are in decline as well and we don’t want to do anymore damage! For every lionfish you remove you save 25 reef fish but only for that day – lionfish populate so fast that everyday there are new lionfish on the reefs! So go out on Lionfish Reef Patrol as often as you can and remove as many lionfish as you can to help save the reefs!

Lionfish Game

3 Dive Sites

3 Adventures!

Lionfish Video Game shark square

Natural Reef

Explore the beautiful natural reef while trying to find and remove the invasive lionfish, but beware of the Shark!

Lionfish Video Game Ship Square

Sunken Galleon

Explore all the areas of the sunken galleon deep on the ocean floor where lionfish attack the defenseless reef fish!

Lionfish Video Game shark square

Sunken Airplane

Explore in and around the sunken airplane where lionfish feast on unsuspecting reef fish. Get there before its too late!