Game Questions, Answers & Highlights

Enjoy The Game

Playing Lionfish Reef Patrol

Why Lionfish Reef Patrol?

We wanted to create a fun learning tool for teaching everyone about the devastation that lionfish cause. Lionfish Reef Patrol is fun and gives non divers a realistic experience of what it’s like to dive and remove lionfish. The sounds, the challenges, the visibility and many more highlights give the players an understanding of what it’s like while diving. Ultimately we hope that this game will inspire more people to get involved the in population control of the invasive lionfish.

What device is it played on & how?

Lionfish Reef Patrol can only be played on a PC for now. Depending on its popularity (and donations hint – hint) we may create a Mac version. 

Keyboard: Use these keys to move: W = forward, A = left, D = right, S = backwards, ctrl = down, space bar = up, E = oxygen check, LMB (or left mouse click) = shoot the spear. Also you can point in the direction using your mouse but it only goes forward, not up or down. You can look all around using your mouse. 

Game Controller: You can use your game controller to play the game as well – instructions coming soon.

Why is this game free for everyone?

We want to reach as many people as possible from around the world and educate them about the invasive lionfish. Our goal is to find sopnsors, or get donations to help us grow this game and continue our educational goals. Lionfish are the worst ecological disaster of an invasive species and we need to get that message out to as many people as possible. Click here if you would like to Donate Now.

How does the scoring work?

For every lionfish you remove you earn 10 points BUT you save 25 reef fish! This is because lionfish eat approximately 25 reef fish a day. You also can lose points if you stab the corals (-20) or the structures (-4). So at the end of each dive you will see how many lionfish you removed, how many reef fish you saved and how many points you lost from hitting the corals and structures. Oh and don’t forget about the shark! If it attacks you the game is over!

Are the lionfish always in the same spot?

Like in the real world the lionfish are rarely in the same spot. So the game does not have lionfish showing up in the same spots each time you play the game. You are encouraged to explore the large area at each dive site and look for new spots where lionfish may be hiding. The dive locations are vast and can be explored to find new lionfish hunting spots.

What are some of the challenges in the game?

Like hunting lionfish in the wild there are many challenges that you have to watch out for in this game, things like: a shark that attacks, running out of air, damaging corals, getting stuck in tight spaces and many more. Go explore and find more….

Nonprofits, Businesses & More

Who can use Lionfish Reef Patrol and why?

Any nonprofit, business, visitor center, etc. If you have shoppers, visitors, tours or any kind of traffic that you would like to teach about the invasive lionfish then this is a great tool. It can be set up for kids and adults to play and experience what it’s like to dive and remove lionfish. It’s realistic sights, actions and sounds gives an exciting experience of helping to keep our reef fish safe.

Can we use our brand in this game?

Yes – We can include your logo and message into the game to make it more powerful for your audience. Our goal is to get the message out there however possible and share the spotlight with as many different ways as possible. Keep your visitors/customers there longer while they enjoy learning about the invasive lionfish. 

Show your audience your dedication to educating about the lionfish and the destruction they cause. Reach out to learn more – we love working with like-minded individuals.

Custom version vs free version?

Anyone can download the free version but if you are a public location you would be better off going custom. Here are just a few reasons why:

  • Advertises your brand and shows you care
  • The game can’t be closed out, preventing you from having to reset the game everytime someone exits the game.
  • Could increase donations or sales – donations to your cause or if a dive shop, more sales of lionfish hunting gear and supplies.
  • Focus on the lionfish issues in your area and help educate more people in a fun and exciting way.
Is there a charge for a custom version?

Yes. Unfortunately it cost money to create, update and modify video game software. The good news is the game is already created and we only need to make some modifications to it. We accept a donation to help us fund the branding of your organization or business. This helps us achieve our mission and continue finding new and exciting ways to educate the world about the invasive lionfish and find better solutions. The donations are not as bad as you would think. Contact us and let’s start a conversation.

Are there other ways to work with your nonprofit?

Absolutely! Lionfish Central, Inc. is always looking to work with like minded individuals and groups. We are great at finding meaningful solutions to challenging problems. We welcome the opportunity to work with and help other efforts. When great minds get together great solutions appear! Reach out and let’s talk!

Is there anything else we can do?

Well we are a nonprofit that survives on the generosity of individuals to help keep us afloat. You could do a fundraiser for us, donate, volunteer, help us get our message out, etc. We realize we are not a powerhouse nonprofit that brings in millions of dollars for climate change initiatives. We also know that if climate change was ever solved the oceans would still be in danger of the invasive lionfish. So smaller initiatives like Lionfish Central are still extremely important. So if you could help us make some noise like the big organizations that would be greatly appreciated. To learn more click here to visit Lionfish Central, Inc. Thank you.